Sunday, May 16, 2010

Consumerist Discovers Casual Gaming

Wow! A new trend on bigfish games that is annoying me is collectors editions of downloadable games. I understand that getting people to pay 19.99 for some wallpaper and a strategy guide included with the game instead of the ultra discount 6.99, but I wonder who falls for that? You could get FAQs for these games for free. Of coure, I don't understand hidden object games either. I need a little faster pace. OK, a much faster pace.

I find in casual games I find graphics pretty important. I prefer games with bright cartoony graphics, and avoid games that look like they just discovered polygons...

I don't like Virtual Villagers [top left]graphics for example- things don't look smooth- there's too jagged for me. I do like My Tribe[bottom left] graphics. Amazing lush production values aren't needed for casual gaming, but graphics that don't distract from the game's goal are.



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