Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I don't get it

I have now learned that sports gamers pay $60 every year for what is basically the same game over and over. I have fond memories of the old NBA Jam, but I wouldn't want to buy a game that is exactly the same.

I also don't get ebooks. I don't want to curl up to a machine in bed, and I don't want things to disappear on the whim of some company.

I do get why physical movie rental stores are closing although I don't think theaters will go away. Now I prefer watching movies at home- although I would rather watch on my tv than a computer- but many people will actually sell out $15 to watch a movie on a big screen. Those crazy people probably are more attracted to the experience of going out and eating overpriced foodstuffs than the newness of the movie.



Blogger Amanda said...

Ebooks are actually kin of awesome, I think. i prefer real books generally, but e books satisfy the But-I-want-it-now impulse, and let a reader transport more books at once than they would otherwise be able to. Plus, I've fond the nook to actually be EASIER to read in bed-- it only takes one hand, even for page turning!

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