Sunday, May 23, 2010

I admit it. I love emo

People complain about recent Final Fantasies being too emo. I laugh as if 99% of people were facing either the destruction of the world, the death of their mother or the fear of being turned into unfeeling unthinking monsters, we'd be howling for fucking mercy. The sad fact about human psychology is that we all believe that we'd never falter in a world spanning crisis, and we'd never be distracted from the pain of others with our own pain. Sadly, this isn't true at all.

I think even Snow's optimism is false. He has to tell himself these things to keep going. That's why I tend to find the sort of forced optimism pushed on us sort of depressing... To not be able to face the problem, to constantly tell yourself you're a hero... it doesn't bode well in my view.

I think some of the disdain for 'emo' characters is the idea that emotions are for girls, but that's bunk. Emotions are for everyone!



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