Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moff's Law, Bitchy Bitch and Crimson Hero

Moff's Law gets some static in YKTTW and that reminds me of folks griping about this manga hall of shame here. I think thinking about our entertainment makes it better.

Oftentimes, we get in the rut of the same story with the same characters over and over, and by thinking about our entertainment, we can create new narratives. One thing I often hear is the idea that things need to be whitewashed to be 'relatable', which is balderdash. I can't 'relate' to the racist, homophobic Bitchy Bitch, but I enjoy reading about her travails. Of course, talent really helps with that. The fact that Bitchy Bitch is cartoony in a good way- Bitchy's misadventures spring off the page with intensity and verve. I also like comics tricks such as Bitchy saying it's unnatural to be in a world with only women, and the picture being of Bitchy's woman only office.

I've also been rereading Crimson Hero, and I love it. I hate sports, and I've never been a Japanese schoolgirl who is under pressure to continue the family business, but I love how Nobara, our main character, is so intense about volleyball. There's romance, but luckily, it's not allowed to overshadow the action. I only have up to volume 9, so I'll have to buy more.



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