Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some Reviews

I read volume one of D Gray Man- Not bad. Secret powers, ancient mysteries, imaginative art.. I liked how the mangaka seemed to understand that in a first volume, you need to hit the ground running. Instead of taking forever with a bunch of useless nonsense, by the end of the volume, our protagonist has a secret destiny and an adventure to go on. Good job. Sure, it's not astoundingly original, but a lot of the time tried and true genre work can be better than going out there on a limb. There's a reason that boy's adventure is so popular. It's because it has some attributes that work. Here we have something a little scary[ souls being fused with machines], a long quest that promises a lot of variety yet with an overarching plot to keep it from becoming stale. Looks encouraging.

I'm also starting on My Kingdom for the Princess. Interesting gameplay, which reminded me somewhat of the first Westward. You need resources to meet your goals. You can build buildings to help with this goal, and also plan your tasks so you always have say...enough wood and food to repair the bridge that is out. Fun graphics- cartoony like I like them.

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