Thursday, June 03, 2010

Saturn Apartments

Today, I impulsively bought Saturn Apartments. While I read it, I felt my heart being pulled towards an appreciation of the earth. The characters' desire for things we take for granted like natural light or open space was expressed beautifully. Rivalry, jealousy, friendship- everything in this manga was subtle, but everything was more powerful for the fact that our author doesn't overplay it. I tend to like really intense manga, but this leisurely, artistic style works too.

Mitsu seems more like a plain Jane everyboy sort of character- loyal, hardworking,etc, but I also like how he realized the importance of the people who supported him, even though he didn't notice.

I wonder if there will be more explanation of the caste system and why earth is a nature preserve as time goes on. I also wonder about small things like them using toilet paper in space, but then again, I liked Planetes because of the management of small details like that.



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