Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Skip Beat vol 21 and Welcome to the NHK

Skip Beat vol 21 is out, and I am so glad that we're getting back into things I actually care about i.e. Kyoko's acting career, and out of things I don't care about i.e. the problems of minor side characters. There is some more mucking around with Ren, and his pitch perfect manipulation of Kyoko makes him slightly more interesting than usual, but he's still a dull, limp love interest. I like the focus on Kyoko's ingrained body language, which has been such an assest so far[ see Mio, and the acting battle with Ruri] but is now a detriment. There is now yet another character being introduced- I like her dark side, but I think that this manga does not need more side characters.

I also read volumes 1-4 of Welcome to the NHK. As a fan of the anime, I mostly thought about how they had toned down things a lot for the anime. There's way too much loli, but I like how Misaki has more of an edge here. Less dere dere and more full on crazy. The fourth anime covers through the end of the anime, so I'll have to read the last 4 to really see the rest of the story.



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