Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top Ten Library Manga

Someone asked what top ten manga every library should have:

1)Naruto- it's popular for the kiddies.
2)Fruits Basket- I love shoujo.
3)To Terra- A classic that stretches the bounds of manga.
4)Yotsuba&!- All ages
5)Twin Spica- satisfies both literary manga lovers and young people.
6)Full Metal Alchemist- boys adventure.
7)Tramps like Us- Introduction to Josei.
8)Bunny Drop- a sweet story about fatherhood
9)Black Jack- Tezuka is required.
10)The Clique Manga- hahaha. OK, maybe that's a joke. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

Also, top ten american comics:

1)Sandman-a classic
2)Runaways- OK, that's just my interest
3)Fun Home-literary graphic novel
4)Scott Pilgrim- is awesome.
5)Spiderman- for the kiddies.
6)Love and Rockets- a classic
7)Little Lulu- for the kiddies. Also,classic comic fans.
8)Peanuts Collections- those nice fantagraphics ones
9)Stuck Rubber Baby- a rare classic. [gay interest]
10)Jimmy Corrigan? I wish you guys could put Templar Arizona on your shelves.



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