Saturday, November 20, 2010

Castle Waiting Vol 2, Powers Collection 2 and How to Get Your Boyfriend Into Comics

I read Castle Waiting Voloume Two, and while there are many delightful moments(such as the pure joy in how Medley draws little Pindar) and sad moments, such as Dr. Fell's origin story, so to speak, I get the feeling that something is unfinished. It feels like someone tore out the middle of a graphic novel and handed it to me. Many threads are left hanging. I'm not saying that it's a bad story- I just want to read the end of it.

I also got the second Powers hardcover.
It's the Powers I remember from high school. It really does benefit from the extra large treatment- the world is very immersive, and the colors pop. It's what I love about Powers- the fact that they even ask the question "So how would people really react if people just donned costumes and became crime fighting vigilantes?" Of course, the exploration of fame, power and the media is very welcome. They also printed the infamous(OK, only to me) 'blowjob letter'. Yes, that was worth every penny for the blast of the past. If you've never read Powers before, you should still get it- it allows us to see some of the daring do and glitter of the super hero, and there's still the grit and grime of the reality behind everything- government experiments, shadowy terrorist groups, murder, etc.

I often talk about manga here- but it's not like I don't like American comics, or even superheroes. I just want a straight forward story- I don't want to worry about what happened in one book in 1965. With Powers, the history is right there- one story. Plain and simple.


I don't have any advice for getting your boyfriend into comics. But I have an observation. For all the articles, poorly made 'games' and general talk about getting your girlfriend into [nerd hobby here], I've noticed a lack of discussion about getting your boyfriend into [hobby X]. I'm sure many women would love their boyfriends to play tennis with them, play against them in CiV, and help them sew an entire line of purses for the craft fair that is this weekend, but I don't see a lot of "get your boyfriend into Mafia Wars" discussions or guides that suggest "man friendly" books to get your man into reading.

I think it's because men are considered whole people with their own minds, not convenient accessories. There's the generic 'girlfriend' who would love hobby X if you gave her the 'right' game/comic/whatever, not a specific person who is probably quite busy with her own hobbies(yes, women have their own hobbies, even if they are devalued), her work, and the leisure gap between men and women.

Women don't expect to mold their male partners into book loving, hikers who love sewing and Full Metal Alchemist. Why is that?

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