Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Everyone can not move halfway across the world. It's a matter of money, psychological fitness, and a whole bunch of other factors. I think we all take some things for granted. I can write English sentences that resemble something that might be grammatically correct, but many people can not do that. I find the thing people most take for granted is social ability. The ability to go to a strange place, make friends, and fit into the mainstream of life is something many don't have, even if there's no actual cultural barriers. This has little to do with this guy's long rant on how he loves how Japanese people love Dragon Quest, but it's something important we always miss. Not everyone is the same, and what is easy for some is impossible for others.

The idea that everyone can do everything is a huge burden to me. I want to throw that burden down, but I always take it back up again. Wouldn't it be nice to fulfill those dreams that belong to someone else? That person who hates sleep, charms others, and somehow has amazing language skills exists. But, that person is not me, and I am not that person.



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