Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Black Bird Again

In Black Bird volume 5, Misao still gushes about her OMG LOVE instead of developing a personality, what could have been an interesting glimpse of the demon world is wasted, and Misao still doesn't seem to get that demons are in fact not humans with human morality! Demons are at best horrible horrible people, and at worst, they are killy mc rapey! I'd like a rendition of this sort of story with less OMG, TRUE LOVE EVEN IF WE HAVE TO WADE ACROSS A FIELD OF CARNAGE! and more about how this is truly a horror story. Horrific creatures are seeking to rape and kill you, and you only have the protection of a dubious 'boyfriend' who you only have his word and some vague childhood memories to rely on. What a horribly scary story!

BTW: Maybe I really should have gotten Twin Spica 2 instead. Now, while that is a story with the supernatural[I mean, a ghost follows a girl around and gives her advice] it's not so horrifying.



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