Monday, April 30, 2007

White comic book artist Shaenon speaks on the annoyingness of white conservatives writing black folk:

I'm not racist! I drew a black friend! The protagonist of Day by Day is African-American, mainly so that Muir can use him as a mouthpiece for his opposition to civil rights. Here, for example, he's offended that Hillary Clinton talks to black people about black issues. After all, only rich white liberals care about racial equality; black people have totally gotten over it. Take it from a fictional black man drawn by a white cartoonist.

I'm not saying that white cartoonists shouldn't draw minority characters; on the contrary, I'd like to see more diversity in comics, and it gets boring drawing white people all the time. But using a black character specifically to advance political views with which most black people not currently serving as Secretary of State violently disagree seems...I dunno, a little disingenuous. In fact, I find it faintly ironic that Muir would accuse Clinton of donning political blackface, when the main character in his strip is essentially a blackface version of Chris Muir.

Between this strip and Scott Stantis' Prickly City, I think there are now more black Republicans in conservative comics than there are in the actual Republican Party.

You know on the tcj board, there is one guy who has a long series of posts on writing a black superhero. While I'm not miss kumbaya, I don't see color, I'm just like take a character, put him or her in their environment- did this person come from the suburbs? The city? What sort of personality does this person have? Are they believing in the dominant ideology, or do they have their own ideology? (Note: black people have many different ideologies which are not all expressed on BET. Maybe you could say, talk to a black person or a book by a black person.) Are they afrocentric? Are they feminists? What is their worldview and their way of relating to the world? How did it get that way? What ethnic group are they from?(by this I mean, an Ibo person from Nigeria, a Dominican and some black dude from Chicago, not all the same!) Also, class is important, as well as skin color. Is she a black woman who has always been teased for having darker skin than other folk? Did he go to Jack and Jill as a kid? There's no template for making a black character. You just have to think about it case by case I guess. Just maybe you could do some research and make your character believable.
Lots of comix today- I got Tramps Like Us 6-9, Beauty Pop 1, and Hot Gimmick 12. The Tramps are a bit beat up but readable. I also got Don't be a Crotte and Teaching Through Trauma
Stuck Rubber Baby on Pandagon! One of the first American GN's I read, and a true classic.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Memphis Cartoonist is up for Eisner. I remember Parasyte too. APE bingo. I wish I rocked enough to go to APE. I love Moyoko Anno! David Welsh hasn't read Ouran?! Haruhi is the best heroine ever. She's practical and strong, but without being a totally flat character. Yay, comics sexism argument bingo.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Now the TCJ crew has a problem with folks inspired by graffiti. Hunter tries to say, hey, now isn't there a bit of racism mixed in with that?
I finally read Skip Beat vol 1, and I love it. What a dick Sho is! Can't wait til I'm able to buy the next volume~!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chobits creeps me out too! I mean really, Chii has a really low mental age, so wanking over a child is totally gross. Personally I think applying the word feminist to anything that has a female character who isn't a total idiot is stretching it. Is Hot Gimmick suddenly feminist now because Akane has a good head on her shoulders? I think we need to reserve feminist for works with a consciously feminist sensibility, and just call works with female characters that don't suck 'works with female characters that don't suck'.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I got Skip Beat for $5 at a random book fair. I have no idea what's with the big half off book sale for the kiddies in the education building, but I was glad I had my big pocket full of quarters. I also saw some GNs of Bone up there too. Also Beauty Pop 2 was there too.

Finally, shoujo manga in the USA today booklist top 20!
I remember the days where all we had of shoujo manga was Love Song and pretending that Maison Ikkoku was shoujo! Although at the book fair I saw Shonen Jump, but no Shoujo Beat. We shoujo lovers have a bit to go in encouraging the love of manga among the young.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I think the reason that a lot of the comic boom hasn't come from more people loving the capes and tights is that there's only so many people who want to read long convulted stories about people in capes and tights. Now, Naruto may be a superhero story at heart, but if I want some, there's Naruto in a neatly numbered compact little book numbered in order. I don't have to keep the ten different incarnations of Naruto straight. This is also pretty amenable to the way many people shop already. To me, something like American Born Chinese is a novel- indie comics are like those quirky literary novels that may not have a massive audience, but still have a place. Manga is like chicklit- it's popular, it's colorful, and much is well crafted. There's a particular trade dress to the series. And of course, there's the in between stuff like Scott Pilgrim. And yea, superhero novels are like westerns. They interest some people, but there's always going to be a segment of the population that doesn't like them.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spike weighs in on the art theft controversy. There has been mucho wank about art theft around deviant art and stuff like that

Saturday, April 14, 2007

New CLAMP, same as the old CLAMP. Personally I think CLAMP jumped the shark when it started doing crossovers. (I'm selling my XXXholic ) One thing I like about manga is it's overness. I want the story to stay where it is. I don't need obvious ploys like crossovers, I just want a comic story which when it ends, it ends. Also I don't want the same characters recycled in an author's work. It gets old and dull. I want new adventures from that author, not the same old same old.

Friday, April 13, 2007

White people are stupid and insensitive. Here because of the TCJ message board.

ETA: Why saying racial slurs is bad. Also, unless proven otherwise, all whites above the age of 18 are adults. We listened to rap at a wedding reception yesterday(the 14th, this edit is from the 15th and none of the small children present called anyone a bitch or a ho. If a 2 year old can do it, you can too, white people)
An amusing comic image. (may offend the sensitive)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I love having extra cash. I bought both don't be a crotte and teaching through trauma. $15 each! Maybe soon I'll put some manga on my website.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Johnny Hart has gone home to his reward. Please let his comics rest with him.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

I've started reading Ouran Host Club. I was worried I wouldn't like it, but it seems really good. I can't read the other four volumes until this paper is done. Am I the only person who was surprised that Haruhi was a girl?

Lilane is having a Bring Gretchen Home Sale until the end of April. I want to buy Don't Be a Crotte. But who knew that a puppy would be so big?

I put Comic Party Revolution on my netflix list too.
I have no idea why Comic Book Pajama Party is on Netflix. Because women who love comic books are so rare! Then again, it does say 'beautiful', because nothing women can say about comics can be of interest if they aren't hot. I mean, interviewing actual say, female comic artists, even if they weren't hot would be too hard, so let's throw together an hour of random women talking about comic books!

Ok, I looked at the preview, and it's some teenagers laughing about comic books. Because that's oh so rare! A Goth teenager reading Johnny the Homicidal Maniac! Stop the presses! What's next, a documentary about girls who play the Sims and Harvest Moon?

Friday, April 06, 2007

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm watching Comic Party and I have to admit the hentai game origins make me boggle. I get that we have two megane-ko(glasses girls), the girl next door, the loud girl, but I hope Chisa wasn't the Loli-con bait- it's way too squicky. I like the two jerky doujinshi guys who always annoy everyone- I call them the cat piss men.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wargles. The YU + ME book is delayed. I'll keep checking back everyday so that I can get a copy, even if it means using all my paypal money! Note: my free ship sale ends Friday.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Saturday, March 24th, 2007 - The Book
The collection of PBF strips due out this September from Dark Horse will be called The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories: A Collection of the Comic Strips of The Perry Bible Fellowship.

Am I the only person who didn't know? I'm so far behind!