Saturday, January 04, 2014

Frozen: Or Not Every Movie Has To Be For Everybody

Frozen is a movie that had so much potential to be a classic, but just fell short. The first few songs were forgettable, and the deaths of their parents was overly predictable, and glossed over. The animation was to notch- the solidity of the ice blocks, the beauty of the snow, and how their dresses moved was show stopping. Then we have....a dumb snowman.
   Which was pretty disappointing. I wish they had trusted the audience more. If they needed marketable characters for dolls, they should have used the trolls: cute characters with different "personalities".

I wanted to just sit with Anna being rejected by Elsa without laugh lines. But no, here's the snowman. This movie is PG rated. That means that this movie is not aimed at three year olds. Children who are in elementary school are able to take in a scene for five minutes without jokes, even if Disney doesn't understand this.
     Luckily, the dumb snowman only really wastes 15 minutes of runtime,  and we did get that amazing Let It Go number and snow statute Anna. I paid $8 to see this, but it was worth about $6.