Thursday, February 06, 2014

A Dumb Korra Card I Made

I don't have a tumbl, so here's a dumb card I made.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Miyazaki Explains it all

Miyazaki says it all Some defenders of moe think moe haters merely hate cute character designs, but that's not true at all. Miyzaki has cute girls in almost all of his works, but the line between Kiki's Delivery Service and I'm Creepily Obsessed With My Little Sister is Miyazaki's ability to reach people who aren't already fans. One can watch Ponyo in a theater with grandmothers and little kids.  Guns That Are Girls Now With All Panties All the Time can only be watched with a small subset of other fans.
      The problem with moe, and with today's superhero comics, is that het male fetishes have taken over and are overpowering what makes normal people fans of art- plot and characters. If every female character is interchangeable except for their hair color, and the plot is replaced with debates about pastry, what is the entry way to non fans?
     This is why superhero movies are popular and superhero comics are not. In the movies, the fact that this is a commercial media is remembered. Superhero comics started as a commercial medium- a cheap way to entertain young people. Instead of in text debates about how many superheroes could dance on the head of a pin, the movies have a simple understandable plot with distinct characters.
 Moe anime takes away what appealed to me at first about anime. I want action and adventure. I want characters to care about. I understand that old men may be wanking to my faves, but I don't need to hear them while I'm watching.