Saturday, November 29, 2008

This fanfiction makes me think of the difficulty of writing after curse Akito. I prefer broken Akito to healthy!Akito but just as long as she's plausibly healthy, I can read it. Personally, my theory is that Akito has a personality disorder, and probably won't get better just because of a lack of curses. But I have a negative outlook on the human condition.

Lately, I'm been obsessed with Axis Powers Hetalia. Italy is my favorite[southern Italy, of course!] and I laugh about France a lot.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

More fruits basket fangirl crap

I'm enjoying the tropers updating the fruits basket character sheet. I especially like the real girls don't wear dresses link to the fandom wank kerfuffle for us late bloomers here. I like girl!akito because it's nice to see a woman chracter be evil in less of 'that evil bitch's hot tits made me do X!" way and more of a "heh, I'm evil, bitches!' way. However, I always find it hard to not make girl!akito too girly. I mean, she's been raised as a man, and isn't particularly feminine.

You know, I have a soft spot for not particularly feminine characters, such as Nobara from Crimson Hero or Haruhi from Ouran. I don't think that not making them girly girls makes them like makes them women who aren't girly girls. I'm OK with girly girls to a point, but femininity isn't really my gig...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Immaturely, good AkiGure makes me feel tingly all over.

So I share them! 1 2

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fanfiction: Wank or Writing?

Ah, the good ol' fanfiction- real writing or writing down your sexual fantasies for thousands of people issue. Personally, I prefer fanfiction as a writing exercise,because I think seeing it as writing gives more of a push to improve. I mean, no one that I know of tries to improve their masturbation fantasies, but many want to become better writers. Being able to say "hey, why is mr tough guy in canon acting like a twee little girl" or "uh..why are these dudes walking hand in hand in 19th century england?" makes for way better writing than 'eh, that's your kink'.

The thing is that sure, some readers are reading for kink and kink only, but many readers would like a good story that is consistent and that isn't constantly throwing them out of the story with "is that physically possible?" or thinking "yeah right" about the character's behavior.

Personally, I rate kink as the same as self insert. Yes, you're proud of your wolf of the zodiac story or your story about guys having sex standing on their heads. It makes you hard, wet, or whatever else. But don't be surprised when someone says "But there's no wolf in the zodiac" or "man, that sounds like it hurts."

And don't be afraid to inject some realism into your sex. It's often hotter when you go back to reality because then you can pull things that may have gone unnoticed by the last thousand fic writers. Research and thought gives you new views and keeps your work fresh.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sweet Akito

With spoilers for Fruits Basket.

I don't like sweet Akito. I especially don't like it when she gets preggers and she's all 'the miracle of life! I love babies! I'd never have an abortion!!!" Yes, that can be written plausibly, but think about it- the mother figures she sees are people like Ren, and Yuki's mom, which are not nice people. Also, Akito's sort of a psychopath. Really, trust me on this!