Monday, August 30, 2010


Ways to describe series that work in a way, but in another way, seem not to quite fit. Whoeveer said these first, please consider yourself credited. I wish I had a name for this sort of thing

Fruits Basket- a story about an intergenerational cycle of child abuse

Scott Pilgrim- A meditation on the meaning of adulthood.

Toy Story 1-3- A meditation on loss.

Full Metal Alchemist- A story about overcoming disability and loss.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top Ten Library Manga

Someone asked what top ten manga every library should have:

1)Naruto- it's popular for the kiddies.
2)Fruits Basket- I love shoujo.
3)To Terra- A classic that stretches the bounds of manga.
4)Yotsuba&!- All ages
5)Twin Spica- satisfies both literary manga lovers and young people.
6)Full Metal Alchemist- boys adventure.
7)Tramps like Us- Introduction to Josei.
8)Bunny Drop- a sweet story about fatherhood
9)Black Jack- Tezuka is required.
10)The Clique Manga- hahaha. OK, maybe that's a joke. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

Also, top ten american comics:

1)Sandman-a classic
2)Runaways- OK, that's just my interest
3)Fun Home-literary graphic novel
4)Scott Pilgrim- is awesome.
5)Spiderman- for the kiddies.
6)Love and Rockets- a classic
7)Little Lulu- for the kiddies. Also,classic comic fans.
8)Peanuts Collections- those nice fantagraphics ones
9)Stuck Rubber Baby- a rare classic. [gay interest]
10)Jimmy Corrigan? I wish you guys could put Templar Arizona on your shelves.


Hey Dumb Fuck!

You don't get Scott Pilgrim.

Scott Pilgrim is from Scott Pilgrim's perspective: notice how in volume 6, some past events are recast? And BTW: skinny white guys have been getting laid since I've been alive. The 'problem' with the nerd isn't so much that he plays with his PSP, and knows about Batman- the average person knows as much about Snooki or whatever as a nerd knows about Batman- it's a lack of confidence. But Scott's arrogance- his ability to convince folks that he's the shit, even though he's an unemployed guy who lives off his gay pal, is what moves him through the story. And you know what? That's what gets him laid. Problem solved. Duh.

BTW: I think this lady gets it. While I think anyone who plays games is a 'gamer', yes, sometimes there will be movies that appeal to dorks and geeks. You know why? We have cashola. Now if only folks realized that people of color have tons of cash too.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You know...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Black Bird Again

In Black Bird volume 5, Misao still gushes about her OMG LOVE instead of developing a personality, what could have been an interesting glimpse of the demon world is wasted, and Misao still doesn't seem to get that demons are in fact not humans with human morality! Demons are at best horrible horrible people, and at worst, they are killy mc rapey! I'd like a rendition of this sort of story with less OMG, TRUE LOVE EVEN IF WE HAVE TO WADE ACROSS A FIELD OF CARNAGE! and more about how this is truly a horror story. Horrific creatures are seeking to rape and kill you, and you only have the protection of a dubious 'boyfriend' who you only have his word and some vague childhood memories to rely on. What a horribly scary story!

BTW: Maybe I really should have gotten Twin Spica 2 instead. Now, while that is a story with the supernatural[I mean, a ghost follows a girl around and gives her advice] it's not so horrifying.


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Skip Beat vol 21 and Welcome to the NHK

Skip Beat vol 21 is out, and I am so glad that we're getting back into things I actually care about i.e. Kyoko's acting career, and out of things I don't care about i.e. the problems of minor side characters. There is some more mucking around with Ren, and his pitch perfect manipulation of Kyoko makes him slightly more interesting than usual, but he's still a dull, limp love interest. I like the focus on Kyoko's ingrained body language, which has been such an assest so far[ see Mio, and the acting battle with Ruri] but is now a detriment. There is now yet another character being introduced- I like her dark side, but I think that this manga does not need more side characters.

I also read volumes 1-4 of Welcome to the NHK. As a fan of the anime, I mostly thought about how they had toned down things a lot for the anime. There's way too much loli, but I like how Misaki has more of an edge here. Less dere dere and more full on crazy. The fourth anime covers through the end of the anime, so I'll have to read the last 4 to really see the rest of the story.