Saturday, July 23, 2011

Viz Manga

I tried Viz Manga. The manga viewing is pretty much like the sigikki site, although I think sigikki is easier to learn, and there's no paid component.(Viz makes up for that by taking older chapters off the site) You pay with paypal, and then you can view the manga in a flash based website. You have your own 'my manga' tab, so you can reread as much as possible. The manga is also the right price for digital. With print books, they will try to make a book cost $10, despite the fact that you can't resell it, and the fact that you're dependent on the company to keep supporting the product. But $5 is good for a digital 'rental'.

Due to its website based design, Viz Manga isn't 'portable' for that, you need to actually buy a book. But I think it's a good way to read those manga which you don't want to reread or have cluttering up your home. I'm pleased with this. I hope that in the future, companies will use digital manga as a way of releasing titles that are more niche.